These 4 business features of WhatsApp can help you sell online

You must already know the name of whatsapp, the application used as a chat medium is actually very popular in Indonesia. In addition to being used for casual communication, WhatsApp can actually be used as a business. The latest features of this application have definitely been welcomed by entrepreneurs. For those who want to trade, let’s see how to use WhatsApp business features For sale below

WhatsApp business features for sale

The latest feature of WhatsApp for business is the ability that allows users to create Product catalog as well as services. Using this feature, it becomes easier for users to advertise. After creating a catalog, users can share it on other websites or on WhatsApp.

This WhatsApp catalog is actually very easy for both users and customers, especially for online store sellers as well as business owners, this is because the messages received by users are already in the form of an order. Customers can also find out how to send the format to order the product. In this way, the ordering process can be easier and faster.

Currently, there are many entrepreneurs who use WhatsApp for this business and connect it to their website or social media. In the WhatsApp business for sale feature, it can also provide each customer with a sticker, this sticker is to show old customers and new customers. So that upon receiving the new product, we immediately inform our old customers.

How to create a WhatsApss catalog for business

The method of using business features in WhatsApp is also very easy, the first thing you need to do is to download WhatsApp business from the store on any platform, you can download it from the play store https://play. download /store/apps/details?id=com.whatsapp.w4b. After that, it’s generally the same as WhatsApp registration, enter the number used for the business number.

It is better if you use a different number than your own, this is to distinguish between the privacy number and the business number. Even using a business-specific number can simplify the verification process and eliminate the need to delete the old account. The customer service process becomes more focused, as there is no private chat involved.

How to create a catalog in WhatsApp Business

  1. After completing the verification process, click on the menu in the upper right corner and click on Settings.
  2. Select Business Settings and click Catalog.
  3. Click on the green plus icon in the lower right corner.
  4. After that a form will appear to enter the image, product or service name and price. You can also add description, product link and product code by clicking Add a field.
  5. When it’s filled, don’t forget to click the save button in the top right corner. However, the submitted product will not appear in your catalog immediately, it takes about 1-5 minutes for your product to be approved by the WhatsApp business team.

Don’t forget to complete your business information in your WA Bisnis profile. Enter the business settings menu, then select a profile, try to put all the clear and simple information in the business WhatsApp bio. This is so that customers who see your business account will believe that this number is actually the store you own.

In business features, you can also use the quick replies menu, a feature that can directly reply to customers when the business owner hasn’t answered or opened a chat. In commercial WhatsApp, you can use this feature in Away Message, Greeting Message and Quick Replies options.

This option can also set the time to send messages on a specific schedule or outside of business hours. For example, when a customer sends a message outside business hours, the business owner does not need to respond. This is because the WhatsApp business for sale feature automatically provides information to customers through a reply chat that says it is out of business hours.

Tagging in WhatsApp Business

Tagging in WhatsApp BusinessAfter setting up a profile on your WhatsApp business, the advantage of using this business feature is that entrepreneurs can find old and new customers with a tag. Not only old and new customer categories, tags also have other categories that can surely facilitate business processes.

Some of the categories in the WhatsApp Business tag are New Customers, New Orders, Pending Payments, Paid and Completed Orders. With these tags, it becomes easier to manage orders. Business owners also know which orders have not been paid for and which orders have not been received by customers.

Fast response feature

Fast response featureThis quick response is absolutely required for business owners, this is to provide customers with confidence. If you don’t respond quickly, customers may lose interest in the products offered. The Quick Replies feature can automatically provide a response in informational or order format without having to type it yourself.

The Quick Answers feature can answer repetitive questions such as account number, order format, product specifications, and price of each product. By using WhatsApp business functionality for this sale, you can respond to orders more easily. Business owners don’t need to answer and retype it for each customer, but it will appear automatically when a new customer submits an order.

Using WhatsApp Business with other media

WhatApp is also very easy to connect with websites or social media to make it easier for customers to communicate directly with business owners. Of course, you have seen the store that offers a contact feature that can be clicked and directly connected to the WhatsApp app, right?

To use the WhatsApp business feature to sell on your website or landing page as a link, then use a template, for example With this format, customers can directly click on the link to connect with Whatsapp. Not only do customers benefit, but business owners also gain more profit potential by communicating with the website.

This is because when customers look at the products you offer and there is a direct WhatsApp link on the website, when there is a product that catches their attention, customers will easily click on the link. Seeing these high profits, it is not surprising that many entrepreneurs use this WhatsApp link business method.

The difference between WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Messenger

It should be noted that these two types have different functions. The WhatsApp that we use is an app that is specifically just for interaction or messaging. Meanwhile, if you want WhatsApp for business, you need to download it first.

The appearance of these two applications is completely different, the most striking part is the logo. For messengers, the logo usually uses a phone image wrapped in green. As for the business feature of WhatsApp for sale, there is a big B logo and no phone logo.

Another difference is that in WhatsApp Business, you can add another phone number. If the messenger only needs one number, but not with business plans. You can add a home or work phone number at once, both numbers can be actively used on the same device. Of course, with these advantages, it makes the work of entrepreneurs easier.


Nowadays the world of business is growing rapidly, not only through offline but also through online which is very much in demand. In online transactions, WhatsApp is one of the most widely used chat applications. With a special WhatsApp for business, entrepreneurs can easily manage the orders that come in every day.