Digital wedding invitation creation services

A digital invitation website can be a solution for those of you who want to distribute invitations online without printing them. You can get digital wedding invitation making services for free or for a fee with a more exclusive design.

Digital invitations are actually a safe option to invite other people without having to spend a lot of money. In addition, it does not take much time to make because there is no need for a printing process for invitations in large quantities.

Recommended digital invitation services

Currently, there are many vendors as digital wedding invitation maker. However, all these vendors guarantee results according to the customers’ wants or needs.

If you want the best seller of digital invitations, online tutors suggest using Nikah VIP invitation platform..

VIP Marriage is a website as a service platform for creating a ready-to-use digital wedding invitation website. In addition, this platform also offers wedding invitation video creation services that can make your wedding moments more memorable.

With this digital wedding invitation creation service, you can create a website-based wedding invitation. Where this means that customers do not need to pay relatively expensive printing costs. In fact, you don’t even have to hand out invitations here and there.

VIP Wedding Benefits as a Digital Invitation Vendor

Wedding invitation dashboard.VIP v1

As one of the providers online digital invitation website, You will feel various benefits while using their services.

Of course, these benefits cannot be easily felt by buyers when using similar sellers. What are its benefits? Here is complete information for you.

Save more money

Creating digital invitations here will save you money. Because, the prices of the digital invitations they offer are very affordable and guaranteed not to break your pocket. Therefore, the result will surprise the people who see it.

Moreover, the fee offered by this website is very cheap compared to other similar service providers. Another advantage is that by using the services here, your time to make invitations will be much faster and will not be wasted.

Relatively easy and prompt delivery

By creating digital invitations, don’t worry about sending them to recipients. Because, customers just need to share it on their respective social media and they don’t need to bother to distribute invitations here and there.

As a consumer, you only need to swipe your finger through your mobile device while you are at rest. Therefore, digital invitations can be sent automatically and directly to all invitation recipients.

environment lover

Because Cheap site invitations This one is digital, so no paper is wasted making it. Therefore, as a buyer, you automatically contribute to the protection of the environment and the earth.

Because ordinary invitations require the use of paper in the printing process, especially if there are many of them. Of course, this affects the environment, especially the number of trees in the world.

Unlimited revisions

The digital invitations available here can be modified at any time. Just imagine if you want Edit wedding invitations It is usually in paper form because there is a writing error. Of course, this is very inconvenient and usually cannot be re-edited.

Therefore, the use of digital invitations is quite effective in distributing invitations anywhere. In addition, if there are errors, you can easily change them without the hassle of editing one by one or even reprinting.

Active up to any time

Digital invitations will certainly be active forever. This is because the invitation remains in the database of its creators and subscribers, just like you. Therefore, the existence of the invitation is still maintained as long as the software is secure.

With digital invitations on the server, it allows you and your invited guests to still be able to access them anytime, anywhere. You can still re-share it with anyone.

free consultation

As a digital invitation maker, this service offers free consultation. Where should you consult before choosing the type of invitation you want?

Without a consultation step like this, you’re sure to get confused when it comes to choosing an invitation look.

When it comes to making this digital invitation online, buyers can start from the initial steps first. Where they can determine the concept, color and other materials you can ask first.

Very easy payment

In making a digital invitation, of course, as a potential buyer, you must pay according to the agreed price with the seller. Not infrequently, it is very difficult for sellers to issue invitations because they do not offer a digital payment system.

However, if you choose this seller, it will be easy to pay. Because they offer an online payment system that is easy, online and very immediate or fast.

Features of the sales representative

You can open a ready-to-use digital invitation business by signing up as a reseller, there are packages that are very profitable for customers.

Where this feature allows service providers to sell unlimited invitations to their customers, customers like you. If you choose this feature, the user will be freed from paying additional fees if they need a large number of invitations.

There are 3 sales packages which are:

  • Seller 25 customers
  • Sellers 100 customers
  • Sellers Unlimited Customers

All these packages include receiving a marketing kit, support group and a different landing page for sellers. In addition to the marketing kit from there, you can also use Levidio’s wedding template.

More reliable website server

that in Make wedding invitations online, service providers, of course, need a server in its construction. Therefore, the construction process will be easier, faster and the designs will be more diverse.

This vendor uses a very fast and stable virtual private server. Therefore, the process of accessing the website can be done more easily.

Special features on the invitation website

Manage wedding invitations.VIP v1

Not only the above benefits, this vendor has special features for its service users.

By using this special feature, users can enjoy various possibilities in creating or editing their digital invitations. What are these features? Below is a full explanation.

change appearance

The first feature that this service offers for their invitation results is to change the appearance. Where these features allow clients or customers to change their web design and adapt it to their individual needs.

Responsive display

Additionally, the display of invitations they produce also looks responsive. In fact, the invitation display already supports all devices or mobile devices of the recipients.

That way, you don’t have to worry because the recipient of the invitation will definitely be able to open your invitation.

Send invitations quickly

This vendor’s digital invitations have features that allow you to send invitations faster. In fact, you can even use messaging apps like WhatsApp to send invitations to all guests to make it more efficient and relatively quick.

Additional prayers and words

Print from Digital invitation website This one has interesting features and is very communicative between sender and receiver. Because invitation recipients or guests can greet and pray directly on the website that the event owner has created.

Timeline story

This digital invitation vendor also features stories, photos, galleries, and videos on the invitation website. In this way, users share their stories more easily with invitees and leave a distinct impression.

Details of the bride and groom

Even if the invitation is sent digitally, it does not mean that the sender cannot reveal his identity.

Because, there is a feature called profile of the bride and groom that can be embedded in the invitation. With this feature, you can display the names of the bride and groom even next to their parents.

Event details

In the invite results of this seller, there is also a feature in the form of event details. Using this feature, you can display detailed information about the events that are happening. This details the time and place of the wedding ceremony.

Digital gifts

When you receive a digital invitation, it doesn’t mean that the recipient can only see it. Because, there is another interesting feature called digital gifts. With these gifts, invited guests can easily make monetary gifts to the account or e-wallet that sent the invitation.

Google maps

Typically, digital invitation service providers integrate into the Google Maps platform for the invitations they make. The purpose of this is that guests can get to the right place of the event without worrying about getting lost.


Finally, there is another feature that is no less important called Quotes. This feature allows users to add prayers or quotes that are still relevant to the event.

How to make a digital wedding invitation

After knowing the advantages and features of this digital invitation maker, do not hesitate to use this service. If you are interested in making digital invitations here, please follow these easy steps to get the best results.

Record :

  1. Go to the website
  2. Choose an invitation package
  3. Fill out the purchase form and choose the payment method
  4. Make the payment according to the invoice

Create an invitation:

  1. Go to member area menu -> invite dashboard
  2. Click the Create Invitation button
    How to make an invitation for a VIP wedding
  3. Enter the name of the bride and groom you want as the title of the invitation, as well as your favorite topic.
    How to create an invitation for a VIP wedding 2
  4. Fill all the data according to the subject you choose
    Edit invitation in Nikah.VIP
  5. done

You will go through all the steps above until you get the digital invitation you want. So, choose the theme according to what you want.

This is the seller’s advantage VIP wedding that you can choose the best, good and most affordable digital invitations for your needs.