Budget required? Here are 6 interest-free business capital loans

Of course, enough business capital is needed to start a business. No wonder so many people are working to raise business capital. However, if there is still not enough credit, it can be an alternative to obtaining business capital. Now, the financial world is also starting to change when it comes to lending. For those who are planning to get their business capital through a loan, we take a look at interest-free business capital loans in the following review.

How to get a loan for business capital without interest

through Islamic mortgage

Pagadayan Sayariyeh is one of the institutions that you can use to get interest-free loans. You can borrow some money but using goods as collateral. Therefore, to apply for a business capital loan, you must have valuable goods or assets. This guarantee system is almost the same as a regular mortgage, which is the use of collateral.

The difference between Islamic pawnshops and conventional pawnshops is that Islamic pawnshops do not earn profit such as profit or profit sharing. Sharia Pawn Shop will only charge you for the storage services of the pawned goods you provide. The amount of wages is also determined based on the cost of maintaining the goods that you use as collateral. . This maintenance fee is certainly very beneficial for your benefit

Typically, holding costs include insurance, replacement costs, storage, inventory holding, and maintenance costs. The goods or assets you provide as collateral are kept safe. The loan period is also very long, so you can open a business immediately and save to pay off the loan. Sharia home mortgages are an easy way to get an interest-free business capital loan.

Islamic credit card

In addition to Sharia loans, you can also benefit from Sharia-based credit cards. In fact, its presence is not very popular, even though it has been around since 2006. National Shariah Council – The Indonesian Ulama Council has actually issued a fatwa if this credit card is known as a Shariah card. The system is almost identical to regular credit cards such as annual fees, administrative fees and late fees.

Shariah credit cards, implementing a rental contract system or a membership fee that is used as a reward and must be paid every month. Islamic credit cards also use loan and guarantee contracts. The loan agreement is imposed on cash withdrawal activities from ATMs. While the surety contract is established for transactions using merchants. Of course, this can be one of the ways to get a business capital loan without interest.

Borrowing from relatives

To avoid usury, you can apply for a business capital loan through your family or close relatives. While some may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed, it never hurts to try. In addition, your needs relate to business capital that can be developed later. However, make sure that the business you want to start is a solid business with good opportunities.

You can borrow with or without collateral with a clear loan agreement. Advantage If you borrow from family or friends, when there are obstacles you can talk about them well. Depending on the agreement you have made, the loan period can also be long. There will be no penalty in case of delay or non-payment.

For example, to avoid unwanted things like fraternity breakups, it’s best to always be clear about the budget given. Nothing is hidden so lenders can trust you. You should also have good faith to repay the loan as soon as possible. So you also need to be smart about how you manage your time to work so that the profits generated can be maximized.

Islamic loan online

Islamic loan online

Interest free business capital loans can also be obtained through internet loans which are now Shariah. This type of loan is offered by non-bank financial institutions and banks.

The interest that is usually received is replaced by the system of murabaha and rent. Murabahah system is a purchase and sale contract. In the case of a rental system, use a rental agreement. This makes the capitalist profit in the form of rental fees, services or goods.

However, when you want to apply for a Sharia loan online, make sure it is registered with the OJK. This ensures your safety and comfort. There are many lenders registered with OJK and you can use them as an alternative. Of course, it also applies a Shariah system that is guaranteed halal. However, you should also pay attention to the terms and conditions for borrowing funds.

Unsecured Credit or Shariah KTA

Currently, there are many banks that offer Sharia-based business capital loan products without collateral. Islamic KTA does not receive profit like conventional KTA because it uses a partnership system which is in accordance with Islamic Sharia. However, this borrowing of funds must be used for legitimate interests. Of course, you must include a clear statement of the use of funds.

The size of this interest-free business capital loan platform is also very high, up to more than Rp. 100 million. The advantage you get when you apply for a Shariah KTA is that you get a halal guarantee from a Shariah bank. So you don’t have to worry about the halal of the funds you get. The facilities you receive are generally the same as regular banks. such as using internet banking and so on.

In addition, you can worship with the zakat system implemented by Islamic banks. 2.5% of the profit earned by the bank is transferred to zakat. The loan period also varies from 1 year to 4 years. Even without a guarantee, you still need to follow the bank’s proposed terms and conditions. Currently, there are many people who offer this type of Islamic loan products.

Borrowing a workplace office

Rarely does a company provide loan facilities for its employees. You can use this facility to apply for a business capital loan. It’s just that you have to continue working for the company while you start your business. Therefore, it takes professionalism to divide the focus of the main work with the business you are starting. It is better to leave this work to your spouse or close relatives.

The advantage that you can get if you use it is that you can make payments with a reduced salary. In addition, no interest or usury will be charged on your loan. Before that, make sure you communicate with your boss, not infrequently some employers support the business you have started. Therefore, you can get a business capital loan without imposing and heavy usury.


Borrowing business capital is legal, especially if the funds required are not small. However, before you borrow money, make sure you treat your business like you save every month. It will be easier if you know how to start a business with your own capital. There is no need to think about the installments or the number of installments to pay the loan every month.

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